Candidate Experience

At Richardson we are not just a recruiter, we are your consultant.

We value people. Organizations do not succeed without people. If a position does not work for you, rest assured it does not work for us. We are here to present options, not pressure you to take a position that does not fit. We support you as the decision maker.

To find the right fit we need to understand your needs and your career path vision. As your Executive Recruitment Consultant, we want to understand your needs from salary expectations to the culture types you flourish in.

Find Opportunities


If you are not quite ready to make a career change but want to keep your eye on the workplace and opportunities available, we can help. We can keep you informed of opportunities, posted and hidden, until you are ready to seek a career change. 

Let us know how we can help you achieve your career vision – based on your timeframe, not ours.

If you would like to take that initial step, please send your resume to us and we will have a consultant reach out to discuss your vision.  Please email to