Richardson places top priority on protecting the privacy and confidentiality of:

  • Our Clients,
  • Our Applicants,
  • Our Employees, and
  • Those who provide reference information and assessments regarding our applicants and employees.

Richardson is in the business of recruiting quality employees for client firms. Successful applicants may become employees of the client firm or they may, as Richardson employees, provide temporary or contract services to the client firm.

In order to assess the suitability of applicants for potential employment positions, Richardson must collect pertinent information about the applicants. We do not collect information that is superfluous to employment or to the employment search.

Richardson we will never request any fees, or payments, or ask applicants to pay for transactions on our behalf. We do not gather information that is not directly relevant to the employment search, respecting the privacy of our applicants.

In line with our commitment to secure communication channels, Richardson does not use WhatsApp for any communication. Your privacy and security are extremely important to Richardson, and we strive to make your employment journey as seamless, secure, and transparent as possible.

Personal information is not used or disclosed for any purpose other than the purposes for which it was collected, except with the consent of the individual or as required by law.

Upon request, any individual will be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of his or her personal information and shall be given access to that information.

Further information and requests for access to personal information can be directed to Richardson’s Privacy Officer, Lynne Silvoza, at or by telephone at 780.944.1309.

In order to match our job applicants to the most appropriate and rewarding employment positions, Richardson must collect as much pertinent information as it can about both the applicant and the available positions. We avoid collecting information that is not relevant to the employment search.

If the applicant becomes an employee of Richardson, then we also collect personal information necessary to properly administer payrolls and company benefits.

Gathered From and About Applicants

Applicants are always asked to provide:

  • a current resume, complete with home address, telephone number and employment history
  • a list of employment references we may contact
  • any personal information that may impact the applicant’s availability or suitability for work

Applicants may also be asked to undergo testing of their skills. Test results are immediately available to the applicant and are added to the applicant’s file.

On occasion, an investigation into an applicant’s credit history may be requested. This is never undertaken without the express written consent of the applicant.

Richardson will add to the applicant’s file any or all of the following:

  • interview assessments
  • input from references
  • proof of education, professional status and/or designation
  • verification of any or all of the information contained in the resume
  • offer of employment and/or employment contract
  • record of communications with the applicant or with client firms, if related to the applicant’s employment search
  • record of presentations, interviews and hires conducted by or through Richardson

Gathered From and About Employees

Richardson employees are always asked to provide:

  • their full name, home address and telephone number
  • their Social Insurance Number
  • their date of birth
  • income tax information relevant to payroll processing
  • bank information, if being paid by direct deposit
  • emergency contact information

If the employee is eligible for health or other company benefits, he or she is also asked to provide information required by the external party providing the benefits, such as:

  • marital status
  • dependant information
  • smoking / drug history (if required)
  • health history (to the degree required)

Richardson will add to the employee’s file any or all of the following:

  • payroll records
  • attendance and punctuality records
  • employment reviews
  • official correspondence
  • disciplinary actions taken, if applicable

All personal information pertaining to applicants is recorded and stored in Richardson’s computerized database. This database is accessible only to Richardson employees employed to work in Richardson’s recruitment offices.

Personal information pertaining to employees is recorded and stored in Richardson’s computerized accounting database. The accounting database is accessible only to Richardson’s accounting staff. It is password-protected against access by any other Richardson employee.

The Richardson IT environment is protected from outside intrusion by Cisco. With more than 15 years of proven firewall leadership and over 1 million security appliances deployed throughout the world, Cisco protects networks of all sizes with scalable performance and a comprehensive suite of highly integrated, market-leading security services. More detailed information about Cisco and its technology platforms can be obtained at

When personal information has been recorded on paper rather than electronically, it is stored in filing cabinets until it can be transferred into the computerized databases. Even after transfer into the computer, paper files may be retained throughout the active phase of an applicant’s search for employment or of an applicant’s availability for temporary placement, to provide quick access in the event of computer failure.

Personal information is never shared with outside parties for any purpose other than the obtaining of employment for our applicants, except when disclosure of the information is required by law or when the applicant has asked us to disclose the information.

Clients must agree to uphold Richardson’s privacy standards before resumes and other personal data will be released to them.

Personal information is not submitted to a prospective employer without the prior approval of the applicant. Approval may be sought on a case-by-case basis or by the applicant signing a written release permitting as many submissions as necessary.

Employee records are retained for at least 7 years, as required by law.

Information about applicants is retained for as long as we anticipate finding suitable employment for those applicants or for as long as we anticipate that applicants may wish to reactivate their files.

Most frequently, successful placing of applicants does not terminate our relationship with them. After a period of time, restructuring by the employer, changes to personal situations, desire for new challenge, or a variety of other motivators may bring applicants back to Richardson in the search for new positions.

Once Richardson believes the working relationship with an applicant has been completed, the applicant’s records are destroyed. Computer files are purged from the system and, if there is any remaining paper file, it is shredded.

Applicants may request the destruction of their personal records at any time.

Upon request, any individual will be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of his or her personal information and shall be given access to that information.

Written requests for access should be forwarded to Richardson’s Privacy Officer, Kirsten Jenner, at or at Richardson’s mailing address. Access will be given within 30 days of receipt of the written request.

Please note that not all personal information can be accessed by an applicant. Where references obtained from prior employers and notes recorded by personnel consultants contain the personal opinions of the employers or consultants, those personal opinions are protected by the Privacy Act. Information falling into this category will be removed from the files prior to viewing by the applicant, unless the providers of the opinions give us explicit permission to share their views with the applicant.

It is important to not include unsolicited personal information on your resume or job application when it is not relevant to your job search.

For instance, prospective employers have no right to know the age, sex, race, marital status or social insurance number of an applicant.

When we notice that you have included such materials with your job application, we will ask you to remove it before we proceed with recording your information.

Also, if you should ever feel that our client or consultant is requesting information from you that is not reasonably necessary or relevant, please refrain from providing that information and inform our Privacy Officer as soon as possible.


Client organizations understand that they will be receiving from Richardson Executive Search various resumes and interview notes pertaining to job applicants, and that the personal information of job applicants is protected by the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) of Alberta, whether provided verbally, written or electronic. I further understand that some applicants will not yet have disclosed to their current employers that they are considering alternative employment, and it is imperative that the confidentiality of their job applications be maintained.

On behalf of the firm or organization represent by client contacts, clients agree:

  • to disclose this information to other parties only to the extent necessary to determine the applicant’s suitability for employment within my organization; and
  • to disclose this information only to other parties employed by my organization or to whom my organization is contracted to provide services; and
  • to maintain the confidentiality of all personal opinions contained within this information, whether they are the opinions of Richardson personnel or of persons providing references; and
  • to destroy in a timely manner the personal information of those applicants not chosen for employment.