Purpose & Values

Our Values are what we stand by but also lead us to organizations and people who share the same ideals. To further the success of everyone we work with, we consistently embrace the following core purpose and values.

Core Purpose:

To Enable the Achievement of Vision for our clients, candidates, team members, shareholders, suppliers and communities we live in.

Core Values:

  • Strength: The abilities of our people. Our group of companies and our combined experience creates outstanding processes, resources and connections. We work with the strongest clients and candidates. We provide strength to our clients by complementing what they do.
  • Relationships: Richardson forms strong and lasting relationships with out clients, candidates and marketplace professionals. We have the ability to create, foster and maintain relationships, new and old.
  • Passion: We demonstrate passion for our work by helping clients, candidates, and by giving each day100% effort. We have a passion for excellence to make each day count.
  • Abhorrence of Complacency: We are always striving to do better and believe in never-ending improvement. Richardson is never satisfied with good enough; we never stop.
  • Exceeding Expectations: We set the bar high and want to exceed the expectations of our clients, our candidates, and ourselves.
  • Awareness: We work to be aware of the needs of our clients, the environment, community, and various industries, while demonstrating expertise in all areas and responding accordingly.