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Attracting and Retaining Senior Executives for Canadian Municipalities Expand Image
Attracting and Retaining Senior Executives for Canadian Municipalities

Unlocking Potential: Attracting and Retaining Senior Executives for Canadian Municipalities

Jul. 14 2023

When it comes to running a municipality, attracting, and retaining top senior executives is essential. These individuals bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, and can help drive your community forward in a positive direction. However, finding the right candidates can be a challenge, especially in today's competitive job market. Here are some tips for unlocking potential and attracting the best senior executives to your municipality.

1. Know What You're Looking For

Before you start your recruitment process, you need to have a clear vision of what kind of leader you want to hire. What are the skills, competencies and values that are essential for the role? What are the goals and priorities of your organization? How do you measure success? Having a well-defined job description and performance expectations will help you narrow down your candidate pool and communicate your expectations to potential hires.

2. Emphasize Your Community's Unique Qualities

Another way to attract and retain senior executives is to showcase your community's unique qualities and strengths. What makes your municipality a great place to live, work and play? What are the cultural, social, environmental, and economic assets of your region? How do you support diversity, inclusion, and civic engagement? How do you foster a positive and collaborative work culture? By highlighting these aspects, you can appeal to candidates who share your vision and values and who are passionate about making a difference in your community.

3. Develop a Strong Employer Brand

Additionally, you need to develop a strong employer brand that showcases your municipality as an employer of choice. Your employer brand is the reputation and image that you have in the eyes of potential and current employees. It is influenced by how you communicate your mission, vision, values, goals and achievements. To build a strong employer brand, you need to have a consistent and authentic message across all your channels, such as your website, social media, newsletters, events, etc. You also need to solicit feedback from your employees and stakeholders and use it to improve your practices and policies. A strong employer brand will help you attract more qualified candidates, increase employee engagement and loyalty, and enhance your public image.

4. Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits

One of the main factors that influence senior executives' decisions to join or stay with a municipality is the compensation and benefits package. You need to offer a fair and attractive compensation that reflects the market value and the complexity of the role. You also need to provide a comprehensive benefits package that covers health, dental, pension, insurance, vacation and other perks. Additionally, you may want to consider offering flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities, recognition programs and other incentives that can enhance employee satisfaction and retention.

5. Provide Opportunities for Professional Development

Senior executives are always looking for ways to grow and learn new skills. Providing opportunities for professional development can help you attract and retain senior executives who are motivated and committed to excellence. You can offer formal training programs, mentoring or coaching relationships, networking events, conferences, etc., that can help your senior executives enhance their knowledge, skills and competencies.

6. Foster a Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment is one where employees feel respected, valued, supported and engaged. It is also one where there is trust, collaboration, communication and feedback among employees and managers. Fostering a positive work environment can help you attract and retain senior executives who enjoy their work and perform at their best. You can foster a positive work environment by recognizing and rewarding achievements, providing regular feedback, encouraging teamwork and innovation, promoting diversity and inclusion, etc.

7. Be Flexible and Adaptable

The world of local government is constantly changing, and your municipality needs to be able to adapt to new challenges and opportunities. Be flexible and open-minded when it comes to hiring senior executives and be willing to consider candidates with unconventional backgrounds or skill sets. Being flexible and adaptable can help you attract and retain senior executives who appreciate your willingness to accommodate their needs and preferences. You can be flexible and adaptable by offering options such as remote work, flexible hours, part-time or contract arrangements, etc., that can suit different lifestyles and situations.


Attracting and retaining top senior executives is essential for the success of your municipality. By following these tips, you can unlock the potential of your community and build a team of talented and dedicated leaders.